Vacation in Wyoming - 5/31/03 - 6/8/03
I flew into Jackson hole at noon on Saturday and spent 24 hours mostly in the Grand Tetons taking pictures of wildlife. Then, I spent a week at the Box R Ranch in Cora, WY, riding horseback. Keep in mind that most of the pictures taken while at the Box R Ranch were taken while sitting on a horse, therefore, many are not as sharp as they might have been. I used both my Nikon 950 and my Nikon D100 with either a Nikon 80-400 VR or Nikon 28-105.   
Wildlife Highlights  
Jackson/Jackson Hole, Wyoming & the Grand Tetons  
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    Saturday, 5/31  
    Sunday, 6/1  
Box R Ranch, Cora, Wyoming - Horseback Riding      
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    Monday, 6/2  
    Tuesday, 6/3  
    Wednesday, 6/4        
    Thursday, 6/5                
    Friday, 6/6  
    Saturday, 6/7