Jean and David's Adventure to the White House

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We were due at the White House for a 2PM reception.  We figured we'd fly down early and do some site-seeing before the reception.  We arrived at LaGuardia at 8AM to catch the 8:30AM shuttle to Washington.  Due to the fog, LaGuardia was closed.  By 9:30AM they had announced the cancellation of the 10:30AM shuttle.  We decided we better go to Penn Station and take the Metroliner.  We took the water shuttle to 34th St. and a taxi to Penn Station.  While in the taxi, we called Amtrak and paid for two tickets so we could get our tickets from the Quik-Trak machine at Penn Station.  We were on the 11AM metroliner which left on-time and arrived in Washington at 1:55PM.  We took a taxi to the White House, cleared security for the reception at 2:20PM, and finally relaxed.  The food was OK, the drink was good, and it was very exciting.  We explored all the rooms that were open (see pictures).  Eventually, we waited on the receiving line and had our pictures taken with President Clinton.  We said hello to Senator-elect (Hillary) Clinton, as well.  After the reception went to the Christmas tree lighting ceremoney with VIP tickets for the bleachers which were probably the worst seats (cold metal and the farthest from the stage..  It was very cold and the entertainment was so-so, but it was fun and exciting anyway.  At 6:15PM we met up with David's cousin who is a lobbyist, and went to a fundraiser for Senator Harkin of Iowa.  We were supposed to stay for a short time and then go for dinner, but since the food was good (much better than the White House), we ate enough for dinner.  Then we went to the airport and caught the 8:30PM shuttle back to LaGuardia.  Quick and uneventful!

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